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PEXLock Crimp Plug
PEXLock Plumbing Ststem
  • PEXlock clamps allow plumbing to be created with just a pair of pliers.
  • PEXLock clamp is a high-grade malleable polymer that resists, freezing, cracking and extreme heat.
  • Pliers lock PEXLock in place so there is nothing to calculate.
  • PEXLock is movable and reusable; a small blade screwdriver releases the lock mechanism.
  • Can be used with PEX A, B and C as well as approved Polyvinyl braided tube.
  • PEXLock is mated to Flair0it’s EcoPoly insert crimp fittings; the largest plastic fitting and valve offering for all PEX.
  • Available in 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4” & 1” sizes.
  • PEXLock awarded the Best DIY plumbing connection.
  • International patent pending.