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Fell Marine MOB+ (Man Overboard) Baseback Multifob - 72.380.206 Fell Marine MOB+ (Man Overboard) xFOB Multifob - 72.380.209 Fell Marine MOB+ (Man Overboard) xTAB - 72.380.307
Fell Marine MOB+ (Man Overboard) xTAB - 72.380.307
List Price: $29.99
Our Price: $24.99
MOB+ is an electronically controlled, wireless cut-off switch which can be used on all boats. Gives users all the benefits of electronics but also freedom and additional safety as well. Fell Marine recommends this unit on boats 40' or less in length.
Allows user to move about boat or even walk on the dock. If you fall in the water it will stop engine because the xFOB gets submerged which breaks wireless signal. If you go out of the range of the MOB+ the engine will stop.
Lets every person aboard have their own CFOB for convenience and personalize the way they carry it. The xFOB is the heart of the MOB+ wireless Cut-Off Switch. It can fit inside the xTAG, xBAND or in your pocket. With the xFOB you can virtually use the MOB+ Wireless Cut-Off Switch in any thinkable way. xTAG is a complete kit for carrying the xFOB around your neck, on your belt or on your life vest.
Fell Marine MOB+ (Man Overboard) xBAND - 72.380.307 Fell Marine MOB+ (Man Overboard) Multi Engine Harness - 72.380.401
xBAND enables you to use the xFOB at your wrist, always on - never intrusive. Designed to be used with the MOB+ xHUB for multiple outboard installations. Typically, this accessory is only needed for Yamaha powered multiple engine boats but can be used in other situations. Kit is suitable for twin and triple engine installations