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Presta Hydro Protek Ceramic Spray
Presta Marine HydroProtek is an SiO2 Ceram,ic spray-on formula designed to shine, protect and beautify your watercraft or RV.
Long lasting, absorbs UV rays, adds gloss and easily sheets water off.
Should be used every few months on a clean boat or RV. Safe for all surfaces, including hull, windows, trailers, wheels and trim. Will bond with gel coat and clear coat to create a durable, hydrophonic surface, prolonging the life and ease of cleaning for any watercraft. Produces the ultimate final finish.
Designed to complement the Presta Marine buffing and polishing compounds for showroom results. Provides up to eight months of durability.
Bonds with surface for outstanding depth of gloss.
Spray-on formula simplifies application for experts and novices alike.
Excellent hydrophobic properties allow water and dirt to slide right off.