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ACR SM-2 Automatic Crew Overboard Marker Light - 3940.1 - SM-2 Automatic Crew Overhead Marker Light
  • Automatically rights itself and activates when in the water and begins strobing, operates for up to 60 hours on a 6-volt lantern battery.
  • Perfect for commercial marine, petro-marine, cruisers and any application needing a reliable COB light.
  • Brighter light in all directions
  • Polycarbonate blend case, improved impact rating; UV, temperature and chemical resistant case.
  • High intensity Xenon strobe gives 360° visibility for more than 3 miles (4.8 km)
  • Floats upright in all conditions
  • Minimum 36 hours continuous operating life
  • Suggested Battery Types, Screw Terminal Batteries:
  • ANSI/NEDA: 915, 915C, 915D, 915AC
  • Duracell: M915, PC915
  • Rayovac®: 942, 944
  • Eveready®: 510S