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CRC Technician Grade Di-Electric Grease with Precision Tip Applicator - 0.5 oz. CRC QD Electronics Cleaner CRC Marine Electronics Grease
CRC QD Electronics Cleaner
List Price: $10.58
Our Price: $9.52
CRC Marine Electronics Grease
List Price: $20.05
Our Price: $17.99
A unique, non-curing compound used for sealing, protecting and electrical insulating. Improves electrical performance by reducing arcing, voltage drop and other conditions. Also ideal for lubrication of plastic and rubber.
  • Effectively removes contaminants. from electrical and electronic components.
  • Contains no chlorinated solvents.
  • Evaporates quickly.
  • Harmless to most sensitive plastics.
  • Leaves no residue.
  • Seals, protects & insulates electrical contacts from moisture.
  • Lubricates & seals rubber & plastic parts.
  • Waterproofs components & contacts to protect against arcing.
  • Improves electrical performance during adverse conditions such as rain & fog.
  • 6 oz. can.
Starbrite 88308 Screen Cleaner & Protectant With PTEF® - 11 oz. CRC Visiclear Electronic Screen Cleaner
CRC Visiclear Electronic Screen Cleaner
List Price: $17.16
Our Price: $15.44
Formulated for use on all marine electronics and all plastics.
  • Formulated for use on all marine electronics and all plastics
  • Spray on, wipe up excess to remove fingerprints, smudges, salt deposits
  • PTEF® polymers help protect against UV damage
  • Ideal for use on watertight phone cases
  • Will not affect touchscreen performance
A unique, high quality, natural water based foam cleaner for all televisions, monitors, notebooks/laptops, camcorders, navigation systems, touch screens, PDSs, scanners, and copy machines. It clings to surfaces and will not drip from vertical surfaces. Works to remove dirt, dust, fingerprints, nicotine, & haze deposits.
6.9 oz. spray.