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Chevron URSA Super+ Engine Oil - 5 Gallon
Chevron URSA Super+ Engine Oil - 5 Gallon
List Price: $102.00
Our Price: $82.99
Oil lasts longer between drains — Good oxidation stability protects against oil thickening during manufacturers recommended oil drain periods.
Vital engine parts are kept clean as a result of high performance detergent and dispersant additives. Excellent deposit and sludge control is provided. Low sulfated ash level minimizes the oils contribution to combustion chamber deposits, valve deposits, and stuck or broken rings.
Long engine life resulting from additives that protect highly loaded parts from scuffing and wear.
Extensive field testing and service use — This product has a proven track record of meeting customer and OEM requirements.
Extended filter life — Whether in modern electronically controlled engines or older models, Texaco Ursa Super Plus oils help extend filter life by handling the soot that clogs filters and increases valve train wear.