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Orion 801 - SOLAS Approved Orange Floating Smoke Signal Pains Wessex 30-53685- Lifesmoke MK-5 Orion 958 - Hand-Held Orange Smoke Signals (3 pack)
Pains Wessex 30-53685- Lifesmoke MK-5
List Price: $60.50
Our Price: $42.00
Orion 958 - Hand-Held Orange Smoke Signals (3 pack)
List Price: $88.13
Our Price: $72.27
This is a daytime approved signal to help rescuers pinpoint your position. Each floating canister delivers 4 minutes of a dense orange cloud. Will not harm the environment.
USCG Approved Nos. 160.122/A4/0, 160.022/A14/0
Approved by Transport Canada: TC-077-032-003
Meets SOLAS LSA code 3.3
The Pains Wessex Lifesmoke MK-5 is a compact, flat top, day time distress signal designed to be easy and safe to handle. It provides effective position marking during rescue operations and can be used to indicate wind direction, producing dense orange smoke for a minimum of 3 minutes. Orange smoke is the most dynamic, effective USCG approved daytime signal on the market. Each signal produces a large dense cloud and is perfect for boaters everywhere. Burns up to 1 minute each. USCG approved for daytime use only.