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Sierra Male Boat Side Electric Trolling Motor Connectors - WH10520  -  Male Boat Side Connector Sierra Female Motor Side Plug Electric Trolling Motor Connectors - WH10530  -  Female Motor Side Plug Sierra Trolling Motor Plug - WH10480  -  Trolling Motor Plug
Gives boat that finished look, covers unsightly wire pass-thru holes.
A black plastic cover to provide a finished look for wiring which passes through holes that are unsightly when left uncovered.
Covers holes up to 1 1/4” in diameter. Comes complete with mounting screws.
6”, 12 volt, with butt connectors, 8 gauge.
Ready wired #M120712.
12 volt with butt connectors included.
10 gauge wire leads.
Sierra Female Boat Side Trolling Motor Socket - WH10470  -  Female Boat Side Trolling Motor Socket
12 volt with butt connector. 10 gauge. Ready wired. Replaces: Mar-Lan 5011-02. Used with WH 10480.