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Deka Wire Crimping & Stripping Tool - 00915 - Wire Crimping & Stripping Tool Custom Accessories 6-12V Voltage Tester - 46663 -  6-12V Voltage Tester Deka Post And Terminal Cleaner - 00254 - Post And Terminal Cleaner
Cuts wire up to 8 guage, strips insulation and tightly crimps wire terminals Tests circuits, lights and fuses. Lights on contact with live circuit. Can be used as timing light. Includes bulb, 18” test lead and insulated probe. Forged steel construction. Cleans debris from terminals and posts.
Gardner Bender Instruments Multi-Tester - GMT-312 - Multi-Tester Blue Sea Systems Mini Clamp Multimeter - 8110 - Mini Clamp Multimeter Klein Manual Ranging Multimeter - MM300
Klein Manual Ranging Multimeter - MM300
List Price: $54.99
Our Price: $45.99
Tests AC/DC voltage, DC current and resistance.
Uses one AAbattery, included.
Voltage range: AC 300 W, DC 300 W.
· Clamp allows measurement of AC and DC current in wires without disturbing the circuits or contacting live terminals
· Auto range simplifies operation: 0.01-400 Amps, 0.001-600 Volts
· Auto power-off selection - power turns off automatically after 10 minutes of non-use
· True RMS - required for accurate measurement of inverter output
· Large digital display makes reading measurements easy
· Data hold - press “HOLD” button during measurement to lock reading value
· Test leads included with meter
Battery test function.
Measures AC/DC voltage - 600V.
Measures DC current - 10A.
Includes test leads and battery.
Deka Standard Battery Hydrometer - 00199 - Standard Battery Hydrometer Deka Battery Tester - 00198 - Battery Tester Deka Battery Filler - 00257 - Battery Filler
Deka Battery Tester - 00198 - Battery Tester
List Price: $7.41
Our Price: $6.29
Deka Battery Filler - 00257 - Battery Filler
List Price: $5.13
Our Price: $4.36
Large size, float type tester.
Float is color-coded for precise readings.
Dial indicator reveals battery charge and specific gravity. Permanent instructions on the back of the tester. 6 oz. fill with 6” spout. Bulb type.
Deka 2-Quart Battery Filler - 00318 - 2-Quart Battery Filler Weller Slimline Soldering Iron - 100 Slimline Soldering Iron Seachoice Circuit Tester for 6 or 12 Volts
Seachoice Circuit Tester for 6 or 12 Volts
List Price: $13.93
Our Price: $10.45
Automatic shut off spout that stops filling once battery has reached the proper level. Includes soldering tip. Dual heat settings: 260/200 watts. Used to locate grounds, open circuits and shorts. Can be used with 6 or 12 volts.